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10 Valentine Gifts With Heart

mark poulinLet’s add the weird to Valentines day this year. Buy your partner a flower and a nice chocolate bar then hit the world wide web for some shopping therapy. This hot pink unicorn (in the form of a pin) is doing one last glance back before moving forward to sparkly pastures! LCE-CF-1   Ok, these guys really surprised me by selling out in early December as holiday gifts. I didn’t see it coming. What better gift for you or your love than cuttlefish earrings? Adorable, and back in stock!CN-KOOh man! Literally clinging to my heart. No words needed. Just hang on.mark poulin enamel.jpgWhat’s Valentines day without a pair of lovebirds? These are handmade in my Oakland California workshop with love.SESQ-MS-PI

These cats may not be in love but they are checking each other out. Love may be in the air…


While I’m on an an earring roll, these raccoons are so cute and make me think of the first time I fell in love.

mark poulin necklaceApril showers bring May flowers. I love the rain and I’m OK with having my head in the clouds!

mark poulin bat necklace.jpgWhaaaaaat? Crazy cute bat love makes Valentines day one of a kind special! 

honey bear by mark poulin.jpg

Oh honey bear holding a heart.. are you giving that heart away or are you stealing it or are you getting ready to hide it from me? And that hat!

PCN-SLLast but not least, this sloth is just holding it out there. Love for the taking. Happy Valentines Day! <3

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