Mark Poulin Jewelry

12 Add Ons for People Who Love RED

Mark Poulin Jewelry Vitreous Enamel
Vitreous enamel necklace inspired by mid-century design.
Mark Poulin Jewelry Gemstone Earrings
Garnet earrings in a unique handcrafted setting.
Enamel earrings designed for home or office
Sleek and slender enamel earrings in red, orange and yellow. Perfect for home or office.
Mark Poulin Gemstone Jewelry
Bright and modern, this glowing red agate is set with four prongs to give it an edgy fashion look. Great for men and women alike.
David Bowie Earrings
Be bold. These enamel earrings are inspired by the new wave of the 80’s.
Mark Poulin Jewelry red Cat Earrings
The simplest graphic cat designed for timeless pleasure. A touch of red goes a long a way with this earring.
Mark Poulin heart Jewelry
Who do you love? How do you show them? Need help deciding? Look here!
Mark Poulin Gemstone Jewelry
Faceted red onyx dangle earrings. Earthy southwestern glamour.
Red jewelry by Mark Poulin
One of our classics. This stacked organic circle form with two shades of red always fits the times.
Red enamel earring set in gold by Mark Poulin Jewelry
Just a pop of red please. For the understated match at home or work.
Red geometric earrings by Mark Poulin Jewelry
Smart and modern earrings for a touch of red in a geometric setting.
Botanical modern necklace in red black and gold by Mark Poulin Jewelry
For a modern slant on botanical, this enamel necklace set in gold is a great pick.

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