Mark Poulin Jewelry


shark necklace in sterling silver by mark poulin
I feel stronger when I wear my shark outfit.
capybara necklace by mark poulin in sterling silver
Good friends travel together.
pig necklace using vitreous enamel and sterling silver by Mark Poulin
Reversible roller skating pig or flying pig. You choose.
sloth earrings in pewter
Slow down and feel the sloth love.
narwhal ring in vitreous enamel by mark poulin
Narwhals looking like they were pulled from an old time map.
weird animal bangle in sterling silver by mark poulin
Dangle bangle. Weird and wonderful.
unicorn necklace in sterling silver by mark poulin
Come on, admit it!
squirrel pin
Wild and wonderful.
sloth necklace with unique drawing in vitreous enamel
I can’t stop drawing sloths!
tapir necklace charm by mark poulin
Tapir love gets stronger and stronger…
kayaking seal earrings by mark poulin jewelry
Unusual little earrings featuring a kayaking seal.
part cat part octopus necklace
More paws to knock your keys off the table. Catopus!
rat ring in sterlin silver
Rat love ring…not a wide audience!
octopus girl necklace
I’m not sure if this fits into the weird or cute category?
hedgehog earrings in sterling silver
Porcupine or hedgehog? Either way, not for everyone.
manatee necklace in sterling silver
OK manatee fans, did I get it right?
skateboarding badger necklace in sterling silver
Skateboarding badgers need more exposure. Right?
flying sloth necklace in pewter by mark poulin jewelry
Later you all. I’m sure there are sloths on Venus.
vitreous enamel bracelet with animal drawings by mark poulin jewelry
Can’t decide on one design? Get them all.
weird animal head jewelry necklaces in sterling silver
Trophy dog, cat and panda. I’m not sure where I was going with these?
sterling silver slow loris necklace
Mother Nature went all out with the Slow Loris.
sterling silver llama ring
Llama love honored right here!
sterling silver cuttle fish earrings
You want to see weird, investigate cuttle fish!
catfish pin
Part cat and part mermaid. Deep sea meow.
sugar glider necklace in sterlin silver
More flying squirrels. This time as necklaces.
possum necklace in sterling silver
OK possum, you take the cake for weird.
sloth necklace
Sometimes you need an inspirational message with your sloth.
platypus necklace in sterlin silver
Let’s wrap it up with this little weirdo. He stole my heart.

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